Emergency Medical Services, A.S.

Emergency Medical Services, A.S.

Communications Area CH
•+*ENC1101, English I 3
Humanities Area 3
*Visual and Performing Arts See General Education Requirement
*Philosophy/Religion See General Education Requirement
*Literature See General Education Requirement
Mathematics Area 3
See General Education Requirement
Natural Sciences Area
Biological Science BSC1020, Human Biology
Social Sciences Area
Behavioral Sciences •PSY2012, Psychology, or SYG2000, Sociology 3
Major Courses
+#*EMS1761, Assistant Teaching in Emergency Medical Services
+*#EMS1119, Emergency Medical Tech 5
+*#EMS1335, Emergency Vehicle Operator 1
+*#EMS1401, Emergency Medical Tech Lab 4
+*#EMS1555, Trauma Management 1
SPC1608, Introduction to Public Speaking 3
+*#EMS2231, Paramedic I 5
+*#EMS2232, Paramedic II 5
+*#EMS2233, Paramedic III 1
+*#EMS2340C, Basic Vehicle Rescue and Extrication 1
+*#EMS2425, Paramedic Internship 4
+*#EMS2435, Paramedic I Lab 5
+*#EMS2436, Paramedic II Lab 5
+*#EMS2526, Twelve Lead EKG Intrep 1
+*#EMS2553, Pediatric Advanced Life Support 1
+*#EMS2558, Stroke Management 1
*#EMS1337, Defensive Tactics for Healthcare Providers 1
+*#EMS2934, Advanced Medical Life Support 1
+*#EMS2439, Advanced Clinical Internship 5
*#EMS1310, Emergency Medical Services Management 2
+*#HSC1531, Medical Terminology 2
+*#RET1934, Advanced Cardiac Life Support 1



Refresher Courses
+EMS1381C, Emergency Medical Technician Refresher 2
+EMS2391C, Paramedic Refresher 3

Both Refresher courses are offered by Distance Education as well as in the classroom.

• General Education Core.

+ Prerequisites and/or corequisites required. See course descriptions.

# Applies to A.S. degree and certificate programs.

= PSAV course.

* Minimum grade of "C" required.

Public Safety Division

The Division of Public Safety is housed on the North Bay Campus. Contact the division’s administrative assistant with general questions related to Public Safety. Contact your program coordinator with specific questions about degree or certificate program requirements. 

Charles Abbott Administrative Building Room # 110
637 Hwy 2300
Panama City, FL 32409

Public Safety Division Website

Division of Public Safety Chair
Gregory S. May (
850-769-1551, ext. 5601

Public Safety Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Kelly (
850-769-1551, ext. 5602 

Public Safety Faculty

Name Title Phone Email
John Ammons Instructor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5613
Daniel Finley Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5603
Kevin Granberg Instructor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5606


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