Duties and Responsibilities

Role of the Dental Assistant

Duties and Responsibilities

The dental assistant is a multi-skilled member of the dental health team, dedicated to assisting the dentist with all phases of dentistry. Dental Assistants may perform any of the following:

  • seating patients in the treatment area
  • passing requested instruments to the dentist during dental procedures
  • sterilization and preparation of instruments
  • taking impressions of teeth for study models
  • polishing clinical crowns
  • exposing and developing X-rays
  • providing assistance in the office with tasks such as appointment scheduling, record keeping, telephone management, and billing
  • ordering supplies
  • serve as office manager or receptionist, greeting patients and introducing patients to the dental practice
  • manage the business aspect of dentistry including bookkeeping, accounting, and money management
  • manage patient records, filing, and recall systems
  • assist the dentist directly at chairside with operative, oral surgery, orthodontic, and a wide range of other procedures
  • provide oral hygiene instructions, preventive dentistry & dietary counseling
  • perform the expanded functions legally authorized in the state of Florida
  • take x-rays, impressions, and apply fluoride and sealants
  • assist with patient management by working with a wide range of population groups
  • perform laboratory functions such as pouring & trimming models, constructing custom trays and fabricating temporary crowns and bridges
  • assist with implementation and documentation of current infection control standards

To request a Dental Assisting Information packet please email:

Laurie Womble
Coordinator, Dental Assisting