Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Plan

PRIMARY ADVISER: Debbie Brzuska (913-3317), Martha Ruder (913-3314)

AREA OF CONCENTRATION: This program is designed to facilitate the transition from the role of licensed practical nurse to registered nurse. LPN applicants may earn up to 17 credits of nursing based on competency testing results.

The Nursing program is a selective admission, limited enrollment program. Admission to Gulf Coast State College and the satisfaction of minimum requirements do not automatically guarantee admission.

Before beginning this program of study, students should obtain a program application packet from the Division of Health Sciences containing a current listing of admission requirements.

Application Process: Complete application process as noted in the LPN articulation to Associate Degree nursing packet.

Minimum Requirements for Admission to LPN‐ADN Articulation:

Prior to entering NUR 1000C Nursing Transition 5 credits or NUR 1005C Nursing Transition 1 credit, students must follow the checklist for students seeking LPN transition admission as outlined in the LPN articulation packet.

Requirements for completion of additional cognate courses will be determined based on placement of applicant within the nursing sequence.


Must be available to the nursing department prior to being allowed to enroll in NUR 1005C. (Student copies are not acceptable.) NOTE: To receive a copy of the Excelsior College Examinations Registration and Information: A User's Guide. Excelsior College can be reached by phone at (888) 647-2388 should you have difficulty.

Exam Number Name Passing Score
403 Fundamentals of Nursing Grade of "C"
554 Adult Nursing Grade of "C"
407 Foundations of Gerontology Grade of "C"

Excelsior College Mobility Exam and Number:

Fundamentals of Nursing (403)
GCSC Credit:  NUR 1022C
Minimum Required for Credit:  Grade of “C”
Maximum Semester Hrs. Credit:  3

Adult Nursing (554)
GCSC Credit:  NUR 1210C, NUR 1212C
Minimum Required for Credit:  Grade of “C”
Maximum Semester Hrs. Credit:  9

Foundations of Gerontology (407)
GCSC Credit:  NUR 1260C
Minimum Required for Credit:  Grade of “C”
Maximum Semester Hrs. Credit:  5


ENROLL IN NUR 1000C - LPN TO ADN NURSING TRANSITIONS COURSE (5 CREDIT) - Students must have nursing advisor approval in order to take this course. The Excelsior College Mobility Exams are not required for this course. Content of the Excelsior Mobility Exams (Fundamental of Nursing, Adult Nursing, and Foundations of Gerontology) will be covered in the course and students must receive a Grade of "C" in each content area to progress.

  1. Official transcripts from high school, any vocational school, and college must be sent to Enrollment Services.
  2. A current copy of the applicant’s nursing license must be on file in the Health Sciences Division.
  3. Copy of Valid CPR certification. Either the American Heart Association Health Care Provider Life Support Course or the American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer is acceptable.
  4. Current education certificates in the Health Sciences file for HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, Medical Errors, Infection Control, HIPAA, and IV Therapy.
Scheduling Options:
  • The Traditional scheduling option allows the student to merge into the third semester of an existing weekday RN class.  Once selected, this option will allow students to complete the RN program in two semesters.  Students may be selected to enter the Traditional option during either fall or spring semesters. 
  • The weekend option in Port St. Joe selects one class of students twice yearly; classes meet for 6 hours on Friday afternoons with a clinical component of 12.5 hours on Saturday or Sunday.
Additional Information:
  • Retention and Dismissal Requirements - Refer to Nursing Student Handbook.
  • Readmission Requirements - Refer to Nursing Student Handbook.
  • Transfer Credits - Refer to associate degree nursing designated curriculum.
  • Graduation Requirements - Refer to associate degree nursing.
  • Course Curriculum - Refer to associate degree nursing.
Upon conditional acceptance into the nursing program, students must also submit:
  1. Satisfactory fingerprint / criminal background check.
  2. Medical examination with satisfactory results and copy of complete immunization record, including Hepatitis B immunization or signed waiver, and PPD or medical denial of symptoms.
  3. Satisfactory 10-panel drug screen.