Preceptors and Clinical Site Information

Preceptors and Clinical Site Information

Students really appreciate the preceptors at our local hospitals and surgery centers. A preceptor of the year is selected.  All preceptors nominated receive a certificate and a letter of commendation addressed to them and their employer.

Students should be prepared each day to complete the case from start to finish.  Each student is assigned a case preparation form. As you know, cases may be changed at the last minute.  Students have reference books on site that they can use to review the material prior to the case. Students complete mock surgeries on site prior to doing any clinical assignments and should be prepared to function as an entry level surgical technologist on all minor and routine cases.

Forms for Preceptor Access

Problem Resolution - Forms and Instructions

Daily log of Cases

Scrub Evaluations

  • Scrub Daily Evaluation Form - Completed daily.
  • Scrub Evaluation -  Scrub Evaluation completed at end of July - Summer Course and in October - Midterm Course end.  Student must have two completed in July and two completed in October
  • Scrub Evaluation - Final Scrub evaluation completed during last Month of Program.  Student must have two completed to graduate.

Circulator Documentation

Forms for Preceptor to Evaluate Program

Evaluation of Program- Fill out this form and fax to 850-747-3246 and/or send message as below.   Give us your input regarding how we can improve this program.

  • Evaluation of Program -  Fill out and fax.
  • Evaluation of Clinical Instructors - Fill out and fax.
  • Employer Survey of Students - Fill out and fax.  This is required on every student who completes the program approximately 6-12 months after hire date.  It affects our accreditation status which is required for students to qualify for the certification examination. Return to: 5230 West Highway 98; Panama City, Florida 32401 ATTENTION Surgical Technology Program.

Contact Form

Want to relate a positive experience with a student, communicate a concern, problem or suggestion? Complete the form below to send an email message to the Surgical Technology staff.