Information Regarding Program for Surgeons

Information Regarding Program for Surgeon Mentors

Surgeons are an integral part of our training program. Your willingness to share your expertise and provide guidance to our program is commendable. This site is provided as a convenience for you and we welcome your input.

Each student is to prepare for their case each day by completing a case preparation form which covers key anatomy and physiology, surgical setup, and the preference card. All students have completed Mock surgeries in the lab prior to actually scrubbing in and have the essential skills necessary to perform efficiently in routine cases as a entry level surgical technologist.

Surgeons acting as preceptors may contact me at anytime to provide input regarding the program and we will follow up with you immediately. You can call me at 850-814-6675 for immediate assistance at any time.

We are always looking for those interested in becoming members of our advisory board or our medical director.  If you are interested, contact us to be put on the advisory board list.

Follow the Surgeon Programs

There are several ways that you may see our students:

  1.  The student is assigned to the clinical site and your room in cooperation with the scheduling board.  Student follows their assigned scrub or circulator preceptor in the room. If  the student is completing SFA duties, you will be asked if the student can work with you that day if you want us to.
  2. The student is a surgical technology student who has been assigned to "FOLLOW THE SURGEON"  for one day. They can go where ever you go and complete assignments as approved in our setup letters by you and the sites. Hopefully, you are on call and they will follow you until 11:00 PM that night.
  3. The student is a surgical first assistant student completing "Specialty Rotations with their Surgeon Mentor". They too can go where ever you go and complete assignments as outlined on the mentor agreement form.

Additional Resources - Forms, etc.

  • SFA Weekly Evaluation Form - Weekly SFA assisting evaluation form or you may send comment(s) regarding the program or student on the contact form below.
  • Scrub Weekly  Evaluation Form - Weekly scrub evaluation form or you may send comment(s) regarding the program or student  on the contact form below.
  • Second Assistant/2nd Scrub Evaluation Form - Complete form for any student who is following you for the day or if you
  • Scholarship Information - Give a lifetime or one-time tax-deductible scholarship
  • Evaluation of the Program -  We value your input into the program.  Feel free to communicate your concerns to a member of the Advisory Board or complete this evaluation anonymously or with signature so we can provide you an update of our progress.  Return to: 5230 West Highway 98; Panama City, Florida 32401 ATTENTION Surgical Technology Program

Contact Form

Want to relate a positive experience, communicate  a problem, concern, or suggestion? Complete the form below to send an email message to the Surgical Technology staff.