Scholarship Endowment

Scholarship Endowment

Why donate to a scholarship? A scholarship can change the life of an individual and, in doing so, it can change the life of a family. Giving back to the community enhances the quality of life and provides trained workers for the community. It is a part of the circle of commitment we make to each other.

How does a perpetual scholarship work? Many families and organizations choose to endow a scholarship with the foundation.  This means the principal is invested carefully by the Foundation and a portion of the interest is awarded each year as a scholarship in the name of the individual or organization. You can designate the program or demographics of how the scholarship is to be awarded.  A perpetual scholarship can be endowed for $12,000 in one payment or over a period of years.  An endowed scholarship is a lasting tribute which will benefit one student each semester in perpetuity.

Are there other ways to help?  Yes you are invited to join the foundation with your annual contribution. Donations and contributions types and uses are not limited to financial.  Feel free to contact the Foundation as identified below to become a part of changing lives one life at a time.

Membership Category Annual Contribution
Alumni Association $10 (Recent graduate rate for first three years of membership)
Friend $25
GCSC Faculty/Staff $50
Foundation Member $100
Blue and Gold Club $250
Beacon Council $500
Dean's Cabinet $1,000
Board of Advisors $5,000 annually
President's Club $10,000 (cumulative)
Trustees' Club $25,000 (cumulative)
Governor's Club $50,000 (cumulative)
Tapper Circle $100,000 (cumulative)

Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • Invitations to Special Events
  • Advance notice on events
  • La Friandise bookings in advance
  • Networking opportunities
  • Library access
  • Quarterly mailings and newsletter (The Clipper)
  • Being part of a team helping to advance the community through educational opportunities at GCSC

Friend of the College

The Foundation values the support of the community we serve.  We consider anyone making a contribution or volunteering time to be a "Friend of the College."  Because we are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible, if you itemize your returns.  Let us know, if you would like to participate.

Additional Resources

  • Website for more information.
  • Give a lifetime or one-time tax-deductible scholarship
  • Other ways to help the program include providing lectures on your area of expertise, volunteering to mentor a student, saving supplies, donating old instruments, purchasing small items for the program. There are lots of ways to help support our program.  If you would like to help - send us an email or call us.
  • All monetary donations can be made out to Gulf Coast State College and they are tax deductible.

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