EEC Course Offerings

Refer to the table below for information regarding EEC course offerings as you plan your program of study.  Please note that this information is tentative. A minimum of 12 paid students is required for a course to be offered. All courses can be completed online or with two face-to-face coaching sessions per class. 

To participate in these classes, all students must have dependable access to a computer with internet access.  

All Semesters Spring Semester Summer Semester Fall Semester
EEC 2240 EEC 2223 EEC 2240 EEC 1732
EEC 1319 EEC 1272 EEC 1319** EEC2602
EEC 1701 EEC 2523* EEC 1701 EEC 2734
  EEC 2713    

* Director's Credential Class
** Requires face-to-face teaching observation

The Early Childhood Education program reserves the right to change the schedule of courses when necessary



Teresa Salter
Last Names Beginning with A-L
Asst. Instructional Coordinator
Social Sciences, Room 229 
850-769-1551 ext. 3393
Patricia Schenck
Last Names Beginning with M-Z
Instructional Coordinator 
Social Sciences, Room 227