EEC Course Offerings

Refer to the table below for information regarding EEC course offerings as you plan your program of study.  Please note that this information is tentative. A minimum of 12 paid students is required for a course to be offered. All courses can be completed online or with two face-to-face coaching sessions per class. 

To participate in these classes, all students must have dependable access to a computer with internet access.  

All Semesters Spring Semester Summer Semester Fall Semester
EEC 2240 EEC 2223 EEC 2240 EEC 1732
EEC 1319 EEC 1272 EEC 1319** EEC2602
EEC 1701 EEC 2523* EEC 1701 EEC 2734
  EEC 2713    

* Director's Credential Class
** Requires face-to-face teaching observation

The Early Childhood Education program reserves the right to change the schedule of courses when necessary

CONTACT AN ECE ADVISOR                

Patricia Schenck
Professor, Education 
Social Sciences, Room 214