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EEC1272 - Working with Young Children with Special Needs

EEC1272 Textbook

Human Exceptionally: School, Community and Family, 11th Edition.  Hardman, Drew & Egan. © 2015. Publisher: Cengage Learning, ISBN: 1-133-58983-9

EEC1319 - Portfolio Development & Supervised Work Experience

EEC1319 Textbook

Creative Activities for Young Children, 11th Edition.  Mary Mayesky, Ph.D. , ISBN: 978-1-285-42817-X

 EEC1701 - Child Development

Whole Child

Whole Child, The: Developmental Education for the Early Years, 10 edition. Joanne Hendrick and Patricia Weissman, ISBN: 0-13-285342-6

EEC1732 - Infants, Toddlers, & Caregivers

Infants and Toddlers

Infants, Toddlers & Caregivers: Curriculum Relationship, 11th Edition. Janet Gonzalez-Mena and Dianne Widmeyer Eyer,  ISBN: 978-1259870464

EEC2223 - Art, Music, & Movement for Young Children

EEC2223 Textbook

Experiences in Movement and Music, 5th Edition. Rae Pica; ISBN-10: 1-111-83805-4                                    

EEC2240 - Social Studies & Creative Expression for Young Children

EEC2240 Textbook

Creative Activities for Young Children, 11th Edition. Mary Mayesky, Ph.D.,  ISBN: 978-1-285-42817-X

EEC2523 - Leadership & Management of Child Care Programs

Child care program

Developing and Administering a Child Care and Education Program, 9th Edition. Dorothy June Sciarra, Ed.D,  ISBN-9781305088085

 EEC2602 - Guiding the Young Child

EEC2602 Textbook

Week by Week: Plans for Documenting Children's Development, 6th Edition.  Barbara Ann Nilsen Ed.D, Broome Community College ISBN-10: 1-133-60557-5  

EEC2713 - Facilitating Social Development


Beyond Centers & Circle Time-Scaffolding and Assessing the Play of Young Children.  Pamela C. Phelps, Ph. D.; ISBN 10: 0-88076-621-2

EEC2734 - Health, Safety, & Nutrition for Young Children

Health Safety

Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child, 9th Edition. Lynn R. Marotz; ISBN-10: 1285427335