General Teacher Certification Information


 things You Should Know!

If you do not have a degree in education, below are 5 things you need to do to become a "certified" teacher.

  1. Have a 4-year degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  2. Pass the Subject Area Teacher Certification Exam for the subject/grade level you want to teach.
  3. Pass the Professional Education Teacher Certification Exam.
  4. Pass the General Knowledge Teacher Certification Exam.
  5. Complete an Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) or state approved equivalent.

meet Dr. John Wade, Pre-Med Program, Mosley High 

Dr Wade
 “The EPI program prepared me for the classroom, using current technology, and how to systematically think and collaborate with other teachers and administrators. I was well informed and trained on how to develop lesson plans and organize a classroom based on the lesson objective. EPI taught me how to create formative and summative exams to measure what my students were learning. I learned how to ensure that my students were learning in a growing, fun, and educational environment. During the EPI program, I was able to build long-term relationships with other professionals that still exist today! This has been a huge collaborative tool.”

Dr. John Wade
Pre-Med Department Chair
A. C. Mosley High School
2012 EPI Graduate

becoming Certified Before You Are Hired to Teach

You can complete all state certification requirements before seeking employment as a teacher. The EPI program provides all the requirements of FLDOE for a professional teaching certificate. Once you complete the EPI program and have a professional teaching certificate then you are more appealing to principals who are hiring teachers.

temporary teaching certificate

If you have an “eligible” Statement of Eligibility (SOE) from FLDOE, a school district could decide to hire you and request that FLDOE issue a temporary teaching certificate in your name.  Normally, individuals receive an “eligible” SOE after passing the subject area exam.  Temporary teaching certificates are issued for three years.

You will be required to complete all requirements for a permanent professional teaching certificate within that 3 year period. The EPI program meets all the requirements of FLDOE to move you from a temporary to a professional teaching certificate.

Note: Only The Florida Department Education can determine your certification requirements. Certification requirements are determined by FLDOE, not GCSC. Visit to learn more.

Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE) Information

You must submit your selected subject area for teacher certification to Teresa Salter and receive EPI approval prior to registering for the subject area exam.  The Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE) are required exams that you will have to take to complete the program.  All of the FTCE exams are given at a Person Vue testing center.

Subject Area Exam
General Knowledge Exam
Professional Education Exam

 For more information on testing and test prep study guides go to the FTCE web-page.


                                  CONTACT AN EPI ADVISOR

Teresa Salter
Asst. Instructional Coordinator
Social Sciences, Room 229 
850-769-1551 ext. 3393


Patricia Schenck
Instructional Coordinator 
Social Sciences, Room 227