Application to the EPI Program

EPI Application And Entrance interview

The number of openings for the GCSC EPI program is limited. Each interested individual must apply using the form below. A selection committee will select candidates based on the information provided in the application and written entrance interview questions section of the form. All information submitted will be confidential, and used only for purposes of candidate selection.

The selection committee will carefully review responses to the interview questions.  These questions provide potential candidates with an opportunity to demonstrate effective written communication skills.  The writing samples should model effective and clear use of Standard English and be approximately 250 words per interview question.  Responses provide the selection committee with important information regarding the applicant’s communication skills.  Applicants should carefully compose responses to these questions.

Be sure you have read the EPI Overview regarding this program and the EPI Class Schedule before you apply! The EPI Class Schedule provides information regarding class meeting times, mandatory orientations, dates, and locations.

EPI students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid, including the Pell Grant and Stafford Loans. For more information regarding financial aid, visit the Financial Aid for EPI Students link.


Teresa Salter
Asst. Academic Program Coordinator
Social Sciences, Room 229 
850-769-1551 ext. 3393

Patricia Schenck
Academic Program Coordinator 
Social Sciences, Room 227