Handicapped Accessibility

A Study of Handicapped Accessibility on the Campus of Starmount High School (Grades 9-12)

Applicable to Courses: Health Team Relations, Allied Health Sciences I & II

Description of Students' Roles and Problem Situation: Health Occupations Students in Health Team Relations and Allied Health Sciences II will work as teams in which students assume the roles of disabled individual, videographer and assistant to the disabled person. They work to determine the struggles that may exist for the handicapped individual and to explore the potential inaccessibility for some disabled individuals who attend classes or who visit the campus. After conducting the research, students present their solutions to the class.

Educational Goals: The students will

  • Apply technological and manipulative skills through actual role play
  • Be able to apply problem solving skills and strategies
  • Be able to develop group participation skills
  • Analyze issues related to cultural diversity

Submitting Teacher: LuAnn Brown, Starmount High School, 2516 Longtown Rd, Boonville, NC 27011, jluann@yadtel.net