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 Internet Resources for PBL

 Internet Resources for Project-Based Learning 

Project-Based Learning is not the same as Problem-Based, but you may get some ideas here:  

 Warm Up Puzzlers

  • Sloan, P. (1992). Lateral thinking puzzlers. New York: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. (ISBN 0-8069-8226-8)

 Articles on Problem-Based Learning

  • Butler, S. (1999). Catalyzing student autonomy through action research in a problem-centered learning environment. Research in Science Education, 29(1), 127-140.

  • Butler, S. (1999). Process of problem-based learning: A literature review. Journal of Health Occupations Education, 13(1), 133-167. (Available from Hartman Publishing Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico, 800-999-9534 or help@hartmanonline.com). 

 Books on Problem-Based Learning

  • Bridges, E. & Hallinger, P. (1995). Implementing problem-based learning in leadership development. Eugene, OR: ERIC Clearninghouse on Educational Management. (ISBN 0-86552-131-X)

  • Center for Gifted Education. (1997).  Guide to teaching a problem-based science curriculum.  Williamsburg, VA:  College of William and Mary, School of Education (ISBN 0-7872-3328-5)
  • Delisle, R. (1997). How to use problem-based learning in the classroom. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. (ISBN 0-87120-291-3)
  • Torp, L. & Sage, S. (1998). Problems as possibilities. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. (ISBN 0-87120-297-2) 

Meet the Problem Documents

Meet the Problem documents for the Engineers Investigate and Design Solutions for Shoreline Erosion PBL lesson: