Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph and Forrest Sincoff Gard

Cheyenne and Forrest will facilitate a hands-on, interactive workshop designed to engage in creative problem-solving and idea development using personal content. Building on shared themes in their work, they will lead the group in exercises designed to incorporate improvisation, uncover personal and artistic limitations, and exercise mutual vulnerability with the artists and audience. These elements will be foundational to developing personal aesthetic, new avenues for work, or creating socially engaged projects.

Erica Passage

This workshop will focus on using personal imagery as a starting point for decoration.  Students will be introduced to a variety of methods for decorating pottery, including sgraffito, mishima, and simple brush painting. Students will be encouraged to sketch and draw on paper as they develop personal iconography and explore ideas from established pottery designs and images.  Furthermore, I will talk about fundamental art and design principles and their relationship to the 3-d object in the round while taking form and function into consideration.

Tyler Nicholson

I propose to engage local Veterans from the Panama City, FL area in a collaborative art project. The purpose of this project is to give voice to the local vet community through art-making and give those involved a chance to connect with other service members in a constructive/ healing way.  There will be no prompts in their making other than telling a service-based story. Examples may include, but no limited to, dealing with trauma, examples of humor, strife, personal accomplishment, patriotism, pro/anti-war, or military tradition—it is completely up to the participant. 

Mandy Yourick

This workshop will address making site specific work, collaboration, and using ephemeral materials. Participants will engage in making a clay installation.