Learn more about CANVAS



What are the basic system requirements for Canvas?

  • Operating System requirements for Canvas are Windows 7 or newer or MAC OSX 10.10 or newer. Canvas supports browsers of Chrome 79 and 80 and Edge, Firefox 72 and 73, and Safari 12 and 13.

When can I access Canvas?

  • For first time students, your Canvas account is activated one business day after you register for class. If you register for class on Friday, your Canvas account will be activated on Monday. If you register for a class in a future semester, your Canvas account will NOT be activated until that semester. For example, if you register for a fall class during the summer semester, your account will not be activated until all accounts for fall are activated.

How do I log into Canvas?

  • Once your account is activated, you will get an email asking you to accept a course invitation.  The email will go to your student email account,
  • When you receive your email, you can go to to log in.  Your user name is the first part of your email address; for example,, the user name would be kaj1048.  The password is the same as your password for your email. 

If I can't log into Canvas, what do I do?

  • If you cannot log into Canvas after the first day of class, contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk (850) 913-3303.

If my courses are not showing up, what do I do?

  • Canvas courses automatically appear the NEXT BUSINESS DAY after you register for them. This means that if you register for a course on a Friday, it will appear on Monday.

 What do I do if my courses are showing up but are grayed out?

  • This means you are enrolled in the course, but the instructor has not enabled the course yet. Most instructors do not release their course until the first day of class. Before you contact the Help Desk, please email the professor to find out when you will be able to access the course
  • If you do need to contact the Help Desk (850) 913-3303 for any issue, please have the following information available:
    1. Your contact information (First and Last Name, Email, Phone)
    2. Your student ID “A00xxxxxx”
    3. In what course and CRN are you experiencing a problem?
    4. Is your problem happening on a home computer or on campus?