Interview Videos

Interview Videos 

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Canvas Employee and Student Interview Videos:  Check them out now!

Several college employees and students have been interviewed about their Canvas experiences.

 The names of the participants are below:

  1. Emily LeBron Wildeman, Student Interviewee
  2. Katherine Riley, Faculty Interviewee, Assistant Spanish Professor
  3. Emmanuel Hernandez, Faculty Interviewee,  Assistant Business and Technology Professor
  4. Barbara Cline, Professional Staff Interviewee, Assistant Coordinator of Online Learning
  5. Trevor Jones, Student Interviewee
  6. Angelia Reynolds, Administrator Interviewee, Chair of Mathematics
  7. Wendy Dover, Librarian Interviewee, Access Services Librarian
  8. Mallory Fuller, Student Interviewee
  9. Rachael Robinson, Alumna Student Interviewee
  10. Erika Goines, Director and Video Editor, Associate Professor of Business and Technology
  11. Brandon Smith, Student Videographer and Assistant Coordinator of Production and Technical Support
  12. Jason Hedden, Administrator Interviewer, Chair of Visual and Performing Arts

The Canvas Videos are on Youtube and on GCSC-HDTV!

Brandon Smith has posted the Canvas videos on to GCSC HD-TV. You can view GCSC HD-TV channel online streaming for free, at . We also broadcast on local cable channel 5 and 6 on Comcast and WOW!

For a list of when the Canvas Videos will be playing, we have an automated Program Guide displayed online that can be found here:

The Program Guide uses the same naming setup as the Youtube videos which can be found here:

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