Whether you need to figure out what you want to study or have it all planned out, our Career Development Center staff can help you learn about yourself and identify major and career options. 


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Career planning start with you! Do you really know yourself and what career path are you taking in life? The Career Development Center (CDC) want to help you to find career options that incorporate your skills, passion and values. That process starts with challenging questions that you may not have the answers to yet, but career planning appointments and self-guided  career exploration tools will help your sketch a long term vision for your career plans and short-term goals to achieve them. Schedule an appointment today!


Selecting a major and deciding what you want to do in life might seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be and you are not alone. Hoist the sails of your career vessel with the Gulf Coast Career Development Center to help you through this process with ease. If you’re ready to find a major or consider different career paths, it’s time to get started.


Access a variety of assessments to provide understanding about our interests, personality, values, and strengths. Talk to a career specialist during a career planning session to confirm that your using the right assessment for your needs.  With knowledge about your interests,skills, values, and strengths.....major and career exploration becomes easier.

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Attend a Connect2Business panel & skills lab  or one of our networking event.