Student Assistant Information

Student Assistant Information

General Information about working on campuS

  • Check out current Student Employment job postings!
  • What types of jobs are available?   Most positions are clerical and customer service oriented. There are several positions available that offer opportunities to tutor both college and elementary (K-5) level students. An attempt is made to match your major of study with a related department but it is not guaranteed.
  • On-campus work program open to any student enrolled in at least 6 credit hours
  • Flexible work hours
  • Up to 20 hours per week
  • All positions are paid at current minimum wage rate one time each month
  • The Student Assistant/Work Study Application is available online:       STUDENT EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION

The application will be forwarded to either:

  • Work-study Placement:  FWS administrator in the Financial Aid Department
  • Student Assistant Placement: Kim Hoyt, Cooperative Education Coordinator, located in ATC Room 150-A

    Qualifying Students

    • Qualifying students may be selected to interview with hiring department who will review their application or employment eligibility
    • The department supervisor is responsible for the final hiring decision

 If hired

  • If offered a position, the student will need to complete the GCSC "Student Employment Packet" and Work Authorization Form
  • These documents will be provided to the student either by the department supervisor, the Financial Aid Office or Kim Hoyt
  • Once you are hired, your supervisor will discuss your duties, work schedule and start date

For more information, contact Ms. Hoyt at or (850) 769-1551, ext. 3874. You can also stop by my office located in Student Union East (SUE) Office 59.