Student Accessibility Resources Application

Student Accessibility Resources Application

In order to provide services to students with disabilities, the Student Accessibility Resources Department at Gulf Coast State College is asking for voluntary self-identification of students with specific disability-related barriers.  This confidential information will be used to aid you, the student, to achieve your fullest potential while at Gulf Coast State College. 

Enrollment Status: (Required)
Starting Semester:
Specify Your Disability (Check all that apply): (Required)
How were you referred to Student Accessibility Resources?
3. Have you received accommodations for this disability in the past?
4. If yes, where did you receive these accommodations? (Check all that apply):
5. Is this condition temporary (lasting 6 months or less)?


Are you registered to vote?
If you are not registered to vote where you live now, would you like to apply to register to vote?
If you are registered to vote where you live now, would you like to update your registration record?

Our office can provide assistance with voter registration.

By signing below, I have applied for services through Student Accessibility Resources (SAR). I understand from time to time it is necessary to discuss arrangements and accommodations with appropriate staff to meet ADA/Section 504 requirements and hereby release SAR personnel to discuss on a need-to-know basis such information.


Once you have submitted your application, please contact Student Accessibility Resources by phone 850-747-3243 or email to set up an appointment.  A hard copy of the SAR Application is also available to download, fill out  and print using Adobe Reader.