Student Accessibility Resources Forms

Student Accessibility Resources Forms

If you choose to disclose your disability to receive accommodations, you must complete the SAR Application and sign the Rights and Responsibilities form which are available in the Office of Student Accessibility Resources (SAR) or upon request. In addition, you must provide documentation of your disability. Because requirements vary according to disability, please contact our office for your individual documentation requirements.

Forms to apply for services

Application for Services

DSS Student Rights and Responsibilities

My Stress Tolerance (Optional)

Stress Test (Optional)

documentation guidelines

Documentation Guidelines for ADD or ADHD

Documentation Guidelines for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Documentation Guidelines for Chronic, Medical, or Other Conditions

Documentation Guidelines for Hearing Impairments, Visual Impairments, or Speech Impairments

Documentation Guidelines for Learning Disabilities

Documentation Guidelines for Physical Disabilities, Neurological Conditions, or Mobility Impairments

Documentation Guidelines for Psychiatric or Psychological Disabilities

Documentation Guidelines for Substance Abuse Disorders

Documentation Guidelines for Traumatic Brain Injury

DSS Policies and Procedures

DSS Student Handbook

Permission to Change Date/Time of Test

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