GCSC's Cybersecurity team wins 2nd place in collegiate competition

archive: GCSC's Cybersecurity Team Wins 2nd Place in Collegiate Competition


tiger logoCorps Tigris (also known as the “Tiger Team”), Gulf Coast State College’s student cybersecurity team, netted second place in its first ever cybersecurity and network defense competition. The Tigers earned second place behind rival Pensacola State College in an inaugural collegiate competition sponsored by Cybercents hosted at the annual ITEN Wired Conference in Pensacola, Florida on October 13, 2016.

 Corps Tigris is the nation’s only collegiate cybersecurity demonstration team. For the past two years, the Tigers have presented live, computer hacking and cyber safety demos at the conference. This year, they were asked to step up into a new arena – competition.

 “We’ve never competed before and we generally practice as a red team, the attackers. This was blue team – total defense. We just went for it,” said Guy Garrett, Associate Professor of Cybersecurity and the team’s advisor. “They took away our usual processes for locking things down, but our motto is ‘find a way or make one.’”

 The team was led by Captain Mika Fenlon and included Savanna Davis, Tim Scott, Ejarra Auzenne, Trevor Jones and Dylan Trax – all cybersecurity students at GCSC.

 While the students were engaged in “battle,” Garrett provided a breakout session titled “Under the Hoodie – Know Your Enemy.” The presentation focused on the determination, dedication and single-minded focus of computer hackers and how that profile impacts the way colleges should train cyber professionals.

“For hackers, the work is a lifestyle. They are fully committed to their cause and that means they are fully committed to their craft. To them it’s one big video game,” said Garrett. “If we are going to win this cyberwar, we must change how we train and focus on practical, hands-on problem solving like the kind our students faced in the competition.”

For additional information regarding the Cybersecurity program, please contact Guy Garrett at or 769.1551, ext. 2817.