GCSC Foundation helps students reach their potential

archive: GCSC Foundation Helps Students Reach Their Potential


Since 1967, the Gulf Coast State College Foundation has been the bedrock of our College. Over the past 50 years, we have worked closely together to provide our students with the best educational opportunities possible. The benevolent nature of the Foundation is evident in the number of deserving students receiving scholarships each year. The Foundation also provides funding for new program innovation and acts as a community liaison for the College.

student Logan WallaceThrough the hard work of the Foundation, its Board of Directors and the generosity of the donors, these scholarships truly make a positive impact in students’ lives by making a college education possible. Logan Wallace, an electrical engineering student, is extremely grateful for the scholarships he was recently awarded. “Before, I was dual-enrolled at GCSC, a senior in high school and working 30 hours a week. Now I have a less stressful job and I’m able to focus more on school,” said Wallace. “I’m thankful to the Foundation for giving me the opportunity to improve myself without worrying financially. It really takes off a lot of stress.”

Providing approximately 750 scholarships annually, the Foundation hopes to increase the number of students they can assist in the future. “As the College demographic is shifting to include more adult students, some have to choose between rent and school, and we can’t lose them,” said Margie Mazur, Executive Director of the Foundation. “We’re looking at making an even larger impact so our students can’t refuse our offer and the cost of tuition is no longer an issue.”

"I'm thankful to the foundation for giving me the opportunity to improve myself without worrying financially. It really takes off a lot of stress." - Logan Wallace, GCSC Student

The majority of the Foundation’s funding comes from generous donors within the community, both private citizens and local companies. “We look at donors as friends of the College and have relationships with them. They’re encouraged to be a part of the College,” said Mazur. “The community trusts us and the Foundation is charged with never losing that trust.”