GCSC students test innovative healthcare product

archive: GCSC Students Test Innovative Healthcare Product


beta testGulf Coast State College nursing students were chosen to be a part of the elite testing group for a new, innovative product that enhances the training of nurses, paramedics and other clinical specialists.

Elizabeth Benson, RN, co-founder and CEO of B & G Educational Innovations (BGEI) brought the beta prototype of the ReaLifeSim to GCSC to begin testing. The ReaLifeSim is a wearable sleeve that helps students learn and practice starting an intravenous injection (IV) on a real person. It’s designed to be a low cost and reusable simulation device for training students in a clinical setting, providing hands-on skills and allowing them to enhance provider/patient interactions.

“Practicing IV insertion skills with the sleeve gave students the opportunity to practice communication skills in addition to focusing on the technical aspects,” said Dr. Martha Ruder, Coordinator of the Associate Degree Nursing Program. “It’s so much more realistic compared to a manikin who cannot respond to the student in a meaningful way. We’re extremely fortunate to be included in the beta testing.”

Gulf Coast State College is one of seven test sites including Harvard University, Drexel University, University of North Florida, NASA and the Veterans Health Administration Outpatient Clinic in Viera, FL. The event took place on Thursday, November 3, 2016 at GCSC’s Health Sciences building in the Nursing Lab.