GCSC students make the 2017 All-Florida Academic Team

archive: GCSC students make 2017 All-Florida Academic Team

all florida academic team


Gulf Coast State College is pleased to announce that two students have been selected for the 2017 All-Florida Academic Team. Each year, a team is named to recognize the most outstanding students in the Florida College System. Alleah Johnson, Elementary Teacher Education major, and David Holmes, Liberal Arts major, were among the 127 students chosen based on their exceptional academic achievement, leadership and service to the community.

“Alleah Johnson is the epitome of the ideal teacher education student. The juxtaposition of her scholarship and dedication are two, of many, attributes that enable her success,” said Dr. John Phillips, Professor of Social Sciences. “She is the type of student that will make a positive impact with her future students. We’re extremely proud of Ms. Johnson and her recognition of this honor.”

Earning a spot on the team affords students additional scholarship opportunities at Florida universities. Additionally, they are considered for scholarships sponsored by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation that can be used to continue their education anywhere in the nation. The students will be recognized at an annual awards ceremony in Tallahassee on April 7, 2017.