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Association of Florida Colleges @ GCSC

 Association of Florida Colleges
Association of Florida Colleges, more commonly known as AFC, is the professional organization open to all community college employees (full and part time), adjunct instructors, and affiliates.  AFC serves as our voice in Tallahassee and are experts in making the right contacts throughout the legislative network and gaining access to our state’s decision makers. 

AFC is also about professional development.  There are several opportunities provided during the year to join your community college colleagues and discuss problems and determine solutions.  AFC’s 15 active commissions provide the primary vehicle to fulfill its mission of discussing and improving matters related to college educational programs, curriculum development, innovative administrative and instructional procedures, and the general professional environment of Florida’s great 28 community colleges. 

More information is provided through the attachment.  Please give serious consideration to joining the current 8,000 plus AFC members of the “Great 28” community college system to further the educational excellence of GCSC