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DSC - Domestic Security

DSC 2250
Unmanned Vehicles Fundamentals for Disaster Management

Prerequisite: *ASC2560. This course will prepare students to participate in unmanned vehicle system operations within a disaster management context through the integration of emergency management theoretical frameworks and technical skill applications with an emphasis on preparedness, mitigation, and response mission-areas.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
DSC 3064
Emergency Communications

This course emphasizes to students the multi-faceted communications necessary between local, state, federal agencies, and the media to minimize and prepare for hazards, disasters, and terrorist activity. Issues of public policy/administration, law, criminal justice and the social/behavioral impacts of communication protocols and methodologies will be considered throughout the course. It introduces students to the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of communications relations in a risk environment as well as effective leadership in an emergency management setting.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
DSC 3783
Legal Issues and Emergency Preparedness

Prerequisite: DSC3064. This course describes the functional demands that emergency service managers should be aware of in crafting effective emergency plans, policies, and programs. It addresses the emergency planning process, how public policy choices impact emergency planning, and the legal consequences/precautions managers must watch for in a disaster event. This course explores formal emergency management programs discussing the political and policy environment that regulates them.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
DSC 4013
Capstone Project in Public Safety

Prerequisites: DSC3064, DSC3783, PAD3936, PAD3391, DSC4755. Comprehensive and synthesizing project to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the program courses. Projects must have theoretical and applied components. The capstone project is taken in the student?s final semester.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
DSC 4755
Domestic Security

Prerequisite: DSC3064. This course introduces students to national and regional relations and security. As a field of study, regional relations focuses on political, military, economic, and cultural interaction of state/non-state players handling national security issues. Therefore, we begin by exploring key concepts, issues and processes of national/regional relations to provide the general knowledge and analytical tools necessary to understand, evaluate and respond to a complex array of problems in the emergency services world.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
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