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Engineering Technology/Civil

ETC - Engineering Technology/Civil

ETC 2213
Engineering Properties of Soils

Corequisite: ETC2213L. A study of the origin, composition, and characteristics of soils. Includes a study of the types and structure, classification and properties, stress, settlement, compaction, and stabilization of soils, as well as construction site investigation, methods, and principles.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
ETC 2213L
Engineering Properties of Soils Lab

Corequisite: ETC2213. A lab devoted to the study of the engineering and mechanical properties of soils. Includes moisture content determination, specific gravity, sieve and hydrometer analysis, Atterburg limits, compaction, and Proctor testing. Emphasizes ASTM standard laboratory procedures.

Credit hours: 1Lab hours: 1
ETC 2450
Concrete Design

Corequisite: ETC2450L. A study of the properties of concrete, its design and control, reinforcement, admixtures, forming, and placing. Includes concrete technology as it applies to prestress precasting and casting in place in the design of columns, beams, slabs, and other structures.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
ETC 2450L
Concrete Design Laboratory

Corequisite: ETC2450. A lab devoted to the study of the design of concrete mixes and the testing of concrete cylinders, beams, and structural shapes. Includes problems on reinforced concrete. Includes the requirements for the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Field Testing Technician Certification. Emphasizes ASTM standard laboratory procedures.

Credit hours: 1Lab hours: 3
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