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Engineering Technology/Industrial

ETI - Engineering Technology/Industrial

ETI 1411
Manufacturing Processes I

A study of methods and materials used in industrial production of nonchip producing processes, including casting, forging, welding, stamping, shearing, brake, powder, metallurgy, electrical discharge machining, high energy rate forming.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
ETI 1420
Manufacturing Processes

(Offered spring). A study of methods, materials, and machines used in industrial production processes, including but not limited to machining, casting, forging, welding, sheetmetal, and additive manufacturing.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
ETI 1701
Industrial Safety

(Offered fall). This course focuses on the theories and principles of occupational safety and health in a practical and useful real world job related setting. The major topics include the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance, safety standards, code enforcement, ergonomic hazards, mechanical hazards, falling, lifting, electrical hazards, fire hazards, industrial hygiene, radiation, noise, emergencies, and environmental safety.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
ETI 1949
Manufacturing Internship

(Offered fall and spring). This course is a structured and supervised internship for students in the Engineering Technology program of study. On-the-job experience will be integrated with scheduled class meetings to review and compare work experiences with respect to workplace skills and technical expectations.

Credit hours: 1Other hours: 3.33
ETI 2001C
Applied Mechanics

(Offered fall). This course takes a hands-on approach to the identification, use, care of tools, equipment, blueprint reading, geometric dimensioning, and tolerances used in all aspects of operations and manufacturing.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 1Lab hours: 3
ETI 2110
Introduction to Quality Assurance

(Offered spring). This course defines the role of quality in an industrial environment. Topics include the use of quality management techniques and quality philosophies, process development, techniques used for evaluation, approaches used on continuous operations, methods used to control quality, and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) series of standards. The method of analyzing data through statistical process control (SPC) charts is also covered.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
ETI 2460C
Composites Fundamentals

$216.00 lab fee. (Offered fall). This course introduces the student to the theory/ materials/ and basic manufacturing processes of composites. This course focuses on basic composite theory/ including fiber reinforcements/matrix systems/ fabrication techniques/ and safety.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 2Lab hours: 3
ETI 2464C
Advanced Composites

$256.00 lab fee. This course introduces the student to common core materials used in composites manufacturing and to the inspection and repair of composites structures. This course focuses on basic inspection and repair theory, including damage detections and repair instructions.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 1Lab hours: 4
ETI 2622
Concepts of Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing

This course is an overview of lean Six Sigma initiatives. Students will learn the value of using data to identify and eliminate process problems. Various projects will require students to redefine roles and procedures within a group in order to continuously generate the results wanted. This course is not a certification course, but a summary of the components of a Lean Six Sigma program.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
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