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Theatre Performance/Training

TPP - Theatre Performance/Training

TPP 1500
Movement Techniques for the Theatre

(Offered as needed). In-depth study of inner resources: Believable action through developing imagination, observation, concentration, sense recall, emotional response as preparation for stage movements, crosses, gesturing, body positions, motivation and stage business. Practical application of movement studies will be made through class use of scenes from plays or one-act plays.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
TPP 1700
Voice Techniques for the Theatre

(Offered as needed). In-depth study of improving voice techniques, oral reading, retelling stories, interpreting lines and memorization. Application of techniques will be made through reading poetry, scenes and scripts for commercials, television, and radio. Voice for the theatre and amplified voice techniques are included.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
TPP 2110
Acting I

(Offered fall). Study of the acting process, including basic acting techniques, preparation, improvisation, role-playing, text analysis, and character development with emphasis on a truthful and honest approach.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
TPP 2111
Acting II

(Offered spring). Prerequisite: TPP2110 or consent of instructor. Advanced study of characterization through the use of effective preparation, the review of essential acting techniques, and the application of these in monologues, scenes, and audition pieces.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
TPP 2250
Introduction to Musical Theatre

(Offered as needed). Study of musical theatre analysis, creation, and performance applied through the study of voice, dance, and acting.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
TPP 2300
Directing I

(Offered as needed). Prerequisites: THE2000 and TPP2110 or permission of instructor. Introduction to the fundamental principles and techniques of play direction to include script selection and analysis, casting, composition, picturization, blocking, interpretation, and staging of plays.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
TPP 2930
Selected Topics in Theatre Performance

(Offered as needed). Prerequisite: TPP2110. Rotating topics in theatre performance such as period acting styles, advanced scene study, creation of new works, circus training, and stage combat. May include field work as part of the curriculum. (May be repeated up to two times for credit).

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
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