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The Honors Program

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The Honors Program emphasizes the development of your critical thinking skills in an environment that is unique and challenging. Honors courses are not designed to be more work, although they may be. Rather, these courses are designed to be a different approach to teaching and learning. This more experiential and engaged method of teaching and learning will maximize your learning potential.  Our honors classes are full of bright, promising students and are led by exceptional faculty.

Honors classes are small, generally fewer than 20 students per class. Emphasis is placed on individuality, originality and participation. As an honors student,you will have opportunities to participate in unique research activities, special classroom activities not usually available in the traditional classroom and exciting co-curricular and extracurricular field trips.

The 16-hour curriculum is designed to fit every Associate in Arts (A.A.) program that Gulf Coast State College offers. The honors courses will fulfill most of the general education requirements for any A.A. degree. Thus, the program does not add to the number of courses required. All courses will have "Honors" designation on your College transcript and have the "H" added after course numbers.

If you complete the program while maintaining the required grade point average, you will be classified as a "Honors Program Graduate." You will receive special recognition at Gulf Coast State College's Annual Honors Convocation and during graduation. Additionally, you will receive the seal of Honors on your diploma and will have the highly advantageous designation of "Graduate of the Honors Program" placed on all transcripts.

By participating in the Honors Program, you may be eligible for additional scholarship opportunities, membership in Phi Theta Kappa International Honorary, nomination to Academic All-USA Team and Brain Bowl activities.


Amber Clark, Honors Director
850-769-1551, ext. 2872