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FSS - Food Service Systems

FSS 1063C
Food Specialties: Baking

$67.00 lab fee. (Offered fall and spring). Prerequisite: Math placement test or minimum grade of "C" in MAT0012 or MAT0055 or MAT0056. Prerequisite or corequisite: FOS2201. Fundamentals of baking which involve preparation of yeast rolls, breads, pies, cakes, cookies, tarts, doughnuts, holiday specialties, and tortes. Proper use and care for equipment, sanitation and hygienic work habits, and conformation with health laws.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3Lab hours: 4
FSS 1105
Food Purchasing

Principles of menu planning for various types of facilities and service as well as menu layout, selection and development, and pricing structures. Principles and practices concerned with the purchase and receipt of food, supplies, and equipment for various food service operations.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 3
FSS 1202C
Basic Food Preparation

$195.00 lab fee. (Offered fall and spring). Prerequisite or Corequisite: FOS2201. Familiarization with tools, equipment, and organization of classical kitchen. Study of basic food recipes, ingredients, cooking theories, terminology, technology, formulas, and procedures. Student learns basic meat fabrication through lecture and hands-on experience/demonstration.

Credit hours: 4Lecture hours: 2Lab hours: 6
FSS 1248L
Food Specialties: Garde Manger I

$193.00 lab fee. (Offered spring). Prerequisites: FSS1063C, FSS1202C, FOS2201,FSS2380, FSS2381, test into ENC1101. Stresses basic garde manger principles as well as a thorough understanding of the functions and duties of the department as it relates and integrates into other kitchen operations. Specific focus on specialty work, including ice carving, buffet decorations, artistic centerpieces, and understanding of equipment and area planning.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 0Lab hours: 4
FSS 1942
Culinary and Hospitality Externship

(Offered fall and spring). Prerequisites: FSS1063C, FSS1202C, FOS2201, FSS2380, FSS2381, HFT1000. Coordinated work-study reinforcing the educational and professional growth of the student through parallel involvement in classroom studies and field experience.

Credit hours: 1Lecture hours: 1
FSS 2065L
Food Specialties: Pastry Specialization

$129.00 lab fee. (Offered fall). Prerequisites: Math placement test or minimum grade of "C" in MAT0012 or MAT0055 or MAT0056 and, FOS2201, FSS1063C. Students will work in a controlled environment and specialize in advanced procedures of pastry baking and dessert preparation and presentation. Emphasis is placed on decorative work and display pieces. An understanding of pastry decoration, sugar cooking, Pastillage, chocolate, and bread decoration is provided.

Credit hours: 3Lab hours: 4
FSS 2224L
Advanced Food Preparation

$200.00 lab fee. (Offered spring). Prerequisites: FSS1202C, FSS1063C, FOS2201, FSS2240L, FSS2380, FSS2381, HFT2264C. Corequisite: HFT2840C. Meal and service planning, including preparation of a complete menu for a service dining room to include appetizers, soup, salad, entree, vegetables, dessert, and cheese and fruit. Production coordinated with dining room staff. Students will rotate and work the classical brigade stations in the kitchen.

Credit hours: 3Lab hours: 8
FSS 2240L
Food Specialties: World Cuisines

$187.00 lab fee. (Offered fall). Prerequisites: FSS1202C, FSS1063C, FOS2201. Corequisite: HFT2264C. Study and preparation of popular international cuisines. History studied along with actual preparation of many international recipes. Includes buffet and banquet kitchen procedures.

Credit hours: 3Lab hours: 7
FSS 2380
Culinary Management Practicum I - Restaurant Management

(Offered fall and spring). Prerequisites: FSS1202C, FOS2201, FSS1063C. Corequisite: FSS2381. Through extensive hands-on experience, students will acquire the skills necessary to plan and prepare various meals utilizing cost control methods.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 6
FSS 2381
Culinary Management Practicum II - Kitchen Management

$161.00 lab fee. (Offered fall and spring). Prerequisites: FSS1202C, FOS2201, FSS1063C. Corequisite: FSS2380. Through extensive hands-on experience, students will acquire the skills necessary to plan and prepare various meals utilizing cost control methods.

Credit hours: 3Lecture hours: 7.5
FSS 2949
COOP/Work Experience/Restaurant_Hospitality

1-3 crs. Cooperative Education courses may be taken toward completion of most of the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree programs. A maximum of six credit hours may be used in meeting the A.A. degree requirements. Prerequisite: Minimum of 2.0 GPA, meet with the co-op coordinator, and availability of co-op work experience slot. Supervised, practical work experience that seeks to combine theories and apply practical skills to projects in the student?s major field of study. Requirements include online weekly, mid-term, and end-of-term reflection assignments.

Credit hours: 1-3Other hours: 1-3
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