Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

"Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science." -Edwin Powell Hubble

No matter what part of science interests you, you can find it here at Gulf Coast State College. Whether you are looking to explore the world of Physics and how things work, to exploring the human body and what makes it function, we have a class for you. We are made up of three departments: Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Science. We in the Natural Science Division pride ourselves on helping students of all interests pursue their academic goals. 

We have over 25 different AA Transfer Tracks to choose from. With a faculty of over 13 full time professors, there will always be someone to help answer any questions you have.

Contact the Natural Science Division today to begin your journey into the amazing world of Science.

Fledia Ellis, Division Chair
(850) 872-3848

Tim Cox, Biology Lab Coordinator
(850) 769-1551 ext. 4824

Kathy Bleday, Sr. Administrative Assistant
(850) 872-3851