Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the EMT Program cost?

A. In-state tuition is currently $98.75 per credit hour.  Costs can change as prices for equipment, student fees, and tuition can change without notice. This should be a close estimate, and we will try to update the information as it changes.

Q. What about out-of-state tuition?

A. Out-of-state tuition is currently $359.71 per credit hour. (Tuition is subject to change.)

Q. How do I apply for the EMT program?

A. You must apply to Gulf Coast State College and take the PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) entry level placement test. Contact the testing office at (850) 769-1551 extension 3336. After you have passing PERT scores, you must complete the online EMT application.

q. what are the minimum pert scores for the EMT program?

A. Math 59 or achieve a "C" or better in MAC0018, MTB0375, MAC1105, or higher course.

A. Writing 85 or achieve a "C" or better in ENC0015, ENC0025, or higher course.

A. Reading 90 or achieve a "C" or better in REA0007, or higher course.

If you have a college degree with English, reading or math, you will not need the PERT exam.

Q. I've submitted my application, what next?

A. Approximately two weeks after the application deadline, conditional acceptance letters will be mailed. If you need more information about the program or curriculum, you can schedule an interview with the EMS Director, Dr. Dan Finley. Please contact him at (850) 769-1551 ext. 5603 or email at

Q. Will my previous background check with GCSC Fire College be accepted?

A. No.  The GCSC Fire College does not share the students' background results.  As stated in the EMT application, "Criminal background checks performed through other agencies will not be accepted."