Fitness Center/Weight Room

Gulf Coast State College Fitness CenterFitness Center/Weight Room

The weight room are available to currently enrolled Gulf Coast students and staff with proper Identification. Our weight room offers a vast amount of equipment and free weights. Come in and take advantage of this opportunity to get in shape.


Fitness Center Guidelines-COVID Addendum
1) Social Distance as much as possible.
2)  Wash hands PRIOR to working out and BETWEEN exercises.
3)  Use disinfectant wipes on ALL SURFACES AFTER USE (bars/pads/handles/dumbbells).
4) Please bring your own water and towels-DO NOT SHARE.
5)  AVOID person to person contact when spotting.
6) BE AWARE that some machines are closed to promote distance.

Summer Fitness Center Hours (August 23-December 10, 2021)

Closed Sept. 4-6, Nov. 11, Nov. 24-28

Monday -Thursday: 6:00AM-6:00PM
Friday: 8:00AM-2:00PM
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED