Benefit Summary


A variety of benefits are offered by Gulf Coast State College to support the needs of our full time employees and their families.  Basic descriptions of each offering are provided however are not intended to replace formal plan descriptions or policy summaries. Contact Charles Fernandez, Coordinator of Benefits and Compliance at 850-769-1551 x3516 or via email at

  • Group Health Insurance

    Health Insurance

    Gulf Coast State College is a member of the Florida College System Risk Management Consortium and provides group health care through ©Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Full time employees may choose among three plans:

    Option 1 - BlueOptions (03766) Gold; most rich plan with higher premiums, but lower copays and co-insurance costs compared to Silver (BlueOptions 3769) and Bronze (HD/HSA).

    Option 2 - BlueOptions (3769) Silver - lower premiums, but higher copays and co-insurance costs comparted to Gold.

    Option 3 - Health Reimbursement BlueOptions (HD/HSA) - lowest premiums, but higher deductibles (which must be met prior to co-insurance applying)

    Medical Plan Benefits Comparison

    Benefits Guide

    03769 Summary Plan 2022

    03766 Summary Plan 2022

  • Life Insurance

    Life Insurance

    Life Insurance is offered by AUL through the Consortium. The College provides Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment at 1x the employee's annual salary. Spouse and child coverage is available at employee expense.

  • Retirement Plans / Florida Retirement System / CCORP


    Retirement is offered through the Florida Retirement System (FRS). There are two plans offered, Pension Plan and Investment Plan. The Pension Plan is a defined benefit plan that provides a fixed benefit at retirement based on years of service, salary and FRS membership class. The College makes monthly contributions to pay for this benefit.

    Florida Retirement System Plan Overview

    Community College Optional Retirement Plan (CCORP) is available to faculty and administrators who may wish to elect to participate in CCORP in lieu of membership in the Florida Retirement System. The College pays a percentage of the employee's salary to an annuity company approved by the College. Members of CCORP are fully and immediately vested in the program.

  • Dental Insurance


    Dental Insurance is governed by the Florida College System Risk Management Consortium and is offered through Delta Dental PPO.

    Delta Dental Overview

  • Vision Care


    Vision Care is offered through VSP  Vision.

    VSP Vision Benefit Summary

  • Tax Sheltered Annuity Providers


    Tax sheltered annuities allow for saving of pretax dollars for retirement purposes. Several companies currently provide plans for full-time college employees. Contributions are made through payroll deduction. For more information, contact the Human Resources Office.

    Investment Plans:

    • AIG Retirement Services (formerly VALIC)
    • Fidelity Investments
    • ING (Northern)
  • Tuition Assistance

    Staff Development/Tuition Reimbursement

    It is expected that all personnel employed by the college will participate in activities to continually upgrade job capabilities. Development opportunities may routinely include in-house seminars, conferences, workshops, or approved advanced course work in the pursuit of professional development.

    Employees of entities for whom the college only serves as a fiscal agent are not eligible for participation unless funding for participation is provided by the employing entity.

    If reimbursement is partially available from some other source, the college will reimburse the employee the difference between the funds from the “other sources” and the actual amount of education expenses, provided that the other provisions of this policy are met. At no time should an employee be reimbursed for an amount that exceeds the actual cost of tuition or books.

    For credit course reimbursement, employees are eligible after completing one year of full-time employment (provided funds are available), if the course is approved by the appropriate supervisors. Please see the Manual of Policy 6.072 for more information. Requests are to be made by completing a Staff and Program Development form (obtained from the Business Office). The cost of tuition will be reimbursed at the rate charged by Gulf Coast State College for freshman and sophomore level courses or Florida State University in Panama City for junior, senior, and graduate level courses. The college will also reimburse up to 50 percent of the cost of required textbooks. Paid receipts and proof of successful completion of course work (a grade of “C” or better) must be submitted to the Business Office. A specific list of the requirements and limitations may be found in the Manual of Policy.

  • Direct Deposit


    Professional, Career Service and Part-Time employees are compensated bi-weekly. Faculty are compensated on a monthly basis.

    Payroll Deductions

    In addition to those required by law, payroll deductions from college employees' earnings are authorized by the District Board of Trustees when approved in writing by the employee. Contact the Human Resources for additional information. The following authorized payroll deductions are made in equal installments:

    Gulf Coast Athletic Association
    Gulf Coast State College Foundation, Inc.
    Flexible Benefits Plan
    AFC - Association of FL Colleges
    Tax Sheltered Annuities
    United Way

    Payroll Direct Deposit

    All college employees are required to participate in direct deposit to the bank of their choice.

  • Leave

    Terminal Leave Benefits

    College policy and state statute allow, under certain conditions, for the payment of terminal benefits for accumulated annual and/or sick leave. Employees with the college longer than six years are required to have all terminal leave benefits channeled through the BENCOR Terminal Leave Program. No employee with a payout of less than 10 days of terminal leave shall participate in this plan. Please see the relevant sections of the Manual of Policy or contact the Human Resources Office for more information regarding terminal leave payouts.

    Sick Leave Pool

    A sick leave pool has been established for the optional participation of all full-time employees. Eligible employees must have been employed at the college for at least one year and must have accrued a minimum of six sick leave days. Eligible employees may join the pool only upon the first anniversary of their employment and during the regular enrollment period conducted each October. Additional limitations and restrictions apply. For additional information consult the Manual of Policy or contact the Human Resources Office.

    Annual or Vacation Leave

    College personnel employed on a full-time, 12-month basis shall accumulate vacation leave at the following rate:

    • One (1) day for each month of service up to five years.
    • 1 1/4 days for each month of service from five to ten years.
    • 1 1/2 days for each month of service over ten years.

    No employee shall accumulate more than 44 days of vacation leave at the end of any calendar year. Any vacation in excess of 44 days, if not used by December 31, shall be converted to special sick leave. Please see the Manual of Policy or contact the Human Resources Office for more information.

    Upon termination of employment with sufficient notice and under favorable conditions, the employee shall be paid, at the current rate, for any vacation not used, not to exceed an amount equal to 30 days of pay. In the case of the death of the employee, payment of the unused annual leave at the time of death shall be payable to the employee's designated beneficiary, estate, or as provided by law.

    Personal Leave

    Full-time employees may use up to four days of sick leave for personal reasons per year (July 1 - June 30). These absences will be charged to accrued sick leave. Leave for personal reasons is noncumulative.

    Sick Leave

    Eligible full-time employees shall earn one day of sick leave with compensation for each calendar month or major fraction of a calendar month of service, not to exceed 12 days for each fiscal year. Sick leave shall be cumulative from year to year. Also see Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave for sick leave without compensation. Employees who leave the college under favorable conditions after six years of service will receive payment for unused accumulated sick leave according to Florida Statutes and the college's Manual of Policy (also see terminal leave benefit). Sick leave is transferable among other community colleges, the FL department of Education, the FL university system, and public school districts in Florida. Please submit any requests for sick leave transfers to the Human Resources Office. Absences greater than three days in length, or for serious injury or illness, may require a return-to-work authorization or similar documentation from your physician or other health care provider. If you have any further questions, contact the Human Resources\ Office.

  • Use of Facilities

     Wellness and Athletics

    The Wellness Center contains a weight room that is equipped with various state-of-the-art weight training and aerobic equipment. The Wellness Center will have hours of availability for staff members each semester. Please contact the Wellness & Athletics Division for a specific schedule. Fitness and aquatic classes are scheduled for college employees throughout the year. The natatorium offers open swim times for faculty and staff as determined by the Coordinator of Aquatics. Wellness, fitness, and aquatics classes are offered for employees through SPD funds. For facilities usage, schedules, and assistance, please contact the Executive Administrative Assistant for the Wellness & Athletics Division.

    Admission to Athletic and Cultural Events

    All Gulf Coast State College employees are eligible to receive free admission to college productions and all sporting events. Employees must show their GCSC employee ID badge/electronic key for admission to these events.

    Check Cashing

    Depending upon the availability of cash, employees may cash personal checks up to $10 in the cashier's office. A charge of $25 will be assessed for returned checks (NSF), and repeats of this problem will result in the loss of this privilege.

    Campus Dental Clinic

    The Campus Dental Clinic is a clinical training facility with students in the Dental Assisting and Hygiene programs assigned to the clinic. Services are available to all employees for a nominal fee. Services provided include radiographs, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, soft tissue exams, treatment plans, and fillings. The clinic is located in the George G. Tapper Health Sciences Building and appointments can be made by calling 850-872-3833.

    Library Privileges

    The Gulf Coast State College Library is available to employees and to the community for their use. Presentation of proper identification will allow the checkout of materials.

  • Parking

    Parking and Traffic Privileges

    Security personnel monitor the parking lots Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. Parking spaces reserved for handicapped persons require the appropriate tag or placard, or Security will ticket an unauthorized vehicle. The college shall assume no responsibility for damage occurring to motor vehicles or other forms of transportation and other privately owned property while on campus. Accidents occurring on campus shall be reported to the Florida State University-Panama City police in accordance with state and local laws. Any questions should be referred to the vice president of administration & finance or FSU-PCC Police.

  • On-Site Licensed Mental Health Counseling

    On-Site Licensed Mental Health Counseling

    SUW 92
    To schedule an appointment, complete the Request for Services form.

    All services are confidential.

Full benefit information will be provided during the New Employment Orientation