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MAC 1114 Course Videos

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Title Subject
Section 1 Angle Measure: Degrees and Radians, Coterminal Angles
Section 2 Arc Length, Angular Velocity, Linear Velocity, and Area of a Sector
Section 3 Triangles:  Similar, Right and Special
Section 4 Right Triangle Trigonometry
Section 5 Applications of Right Triangle Trigonometry
Section 6 Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle
Section 7 The Unit Circle
Section 8 The Graph of Sine
Section 9 The Graph of Cosine
Section 10 The Graphs of Cosecant and Secant
Section 11 The Graphs of Tangent and Cotangent
Section 12 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Section 13 Fundamental Identities
Section 14 Part 1 Sum and Difference, Double Angle, and Half Angle Identities
Section 14 Part 2 Sum and Difference, Double Angle, and Half Angle Identities
Section 15 Product-to-Sum, Sum-to-Product, Power Reducing Identities
Section 16 Trigonometric Equations
Section 17 Law of Sines and Law of Cosines
Section 18 Applications and Area of Oblique Triangles
Section 19 Part 1 Vectors
Section 19 Part 2 Vectors
Section 20 Vectors and Dot Products
Section 21 Trigonometric Form of Complex Numbers
Section 22 Polar Equations
Section 23 Parametric Equations
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