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MAC1140 Course Videos

Closed captioned versions of these videos are available to current students enrolled in MAC1140 via Canvas.

Please remember, you cannot view these videos using Google Chrome.

Title Subject File Size Duration
Section 2.5 Piecewise-Defined Functions 287mb 1hr 29min
Homework 2.5 43.9mb 13min
Section 4.1 Synthetic Division; The Remainder and Factor Theorems 136mb 43min
Homework 4.1 41.2mb 13min
Section 4.2 The Zeros of Polynomial Functions 111mb 35min
Section 4.2 continued 126mb 40min
Homework 4.2 64.2mb 20min
Section 4.3 Graphing Polynomial Functions 135mb 42min
Homework 4.3 42.7mb 13min
Section 4.4 Graphing Rational Functions 18.5mb 6min
Section 4.4 continued 165mb 51min
Homework 4.4 32.4mb 10min
Section 4.5 Additional Insights into Rational Functions 130mb 41min
Homework 4.5 92.8mb 29min
Section 4.6 Polynomial and Rational Inequalities 204mb 1hr 4min
Homework 4.6 64.3mb 20min
Section 5.2 Exponential Functions 107mb 33min
Homework 5.2 43.8mb 14min
Section 5.3 Logarithms and Logarithmic Functions 115mb 36min
Homework 5.3 30.9mb 10min
Section 5.4 Properties of Logarithms 134mb 42min
Homework 5.4 40.5mb 13min
Section 9.4 Partial Fraction Decomposition 181mb 56min
Homework 9.4 71.3mb 22min
Section 9.5 Solving Linear Systems Using Matrices and Row Operations 146mb 45min
Section 9.5 continued 35.1mb 11min
Homework 9.5 54.4mb 17min
Section 9.6 The Algebra of Matrices 73.7mb 23min
Homework 9.6 24.1mb 8min
Section 9.7 Solving Linear Systems Using Matrix Equations 69.2mb 22min
Section 9.7 continued 137mb 42min
Homework 9.7 56.7mb 18min
Section 9.8 Applications of Matrices and Determinants: Cramer's Rule, Geometry, and more 144mb 45min
Homework 9.8 91.7mb 29min
Section 10.2 The Circle and the Ellipse 250mb 78min
Homework 10.2 81.5mb 26min
Section 10.3 The Hyperbola 108mb 34min
Section 10.3 continued 54.5mb 17min
Homework 10.3 46.9mb 15min
Section 10.4 The Analytic Parabola 158mb 50min
Section 10.4 continued 28.2mb 9min
Homework 10.4 72.4mb 23min
Factoring Factoring 152mb 48min
Homework Factoring 69.5mb 22min
Section 11.1 Sequences and Series 198mb 62min
Homework 11.1 43.4mb 14min
Section 11.2 Arithmetic Sequences 107mb 34min
Homework 11.2 29.9mb 10min
Section 11.3 Geometric Sequences 125mb 40min
Homework 11.3 51.7mb 17min
Section 11.4 Mathematical Induction 91.7mb 29min
Section 11.4 continued 87.5mb 28min
Homework 11.4 50.4mb 16min
Section 11.7 The Binomial Theorem 123mb 39min
Homework 11.7 31.1mb 10min
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