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MGF1107 Course Videos

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Chapter 1 - History of Numbers
Section 1.1 Historical Roots of the Hindu-Arabic Numbers
Section 1.2 Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Section 1.3 Ionic and Attic Greeks
Section 1.4 The Roman Numerals
Section 1.5 The Babylonians
Section 1.6 The Maya
Section 1.7 Numbers from the Orient
Chapter 2 - Number Theory
Section 2.1 (no video) Historical Roots of Number Theory
Section 2.2 Number Theory
Section 2.3 Divisibility Tests
Section 2.4 (1) Prime Numbers
Section 2.4 (2)
Section 2.5 (1) Magic Squares and Number Mysticism
Section 2.5 (2)
Section 2.6 Classified Numbers
Chapter 3 - Graph Theory
Section 3.1 The Historical Roots of Graph Theory
Section 3.2 Definitions and Terminology
Section 3.3 Edge Paths
Section 3.4 Crossing Curves
Section 3.5 (1) Vertex Paths
Section 3.5 (2)
Chapter 4 - Mathematical Modeling
Section 4.1 (no video) Linear Functions and Models
Section 4.2 Exponential Functions and Models
Section 4.3 Logarithmic Functions and Models
Section 4.4 Simple and Compound Interest
Section 4.5 Annuities and Loans
Chapter 5 - Transformation Geometry
Section 5.1 Geometric Transformations
Section 5.2 Products of Mappings
Section 5.3 Dilations
Section 5.4  
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