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If you are looking to take the DSST/DANTES exam, please click on Earn Credit By Exam for more information and how to register. All tests mentioned below are administered at the Tyndall Educational Center.

+ indicates courses not offered at GCSC, however, course credit or course substitution may be awarded by the Program Director of the Department.

Exam Name Passing Score Course Equivalent
A History of the Vietnam War 44 AMH 1059+
Art of the Western World 48 ARH 2000
Astronomy 48 AST 1002
Business Ethics and Society 400 (2008 score) GEB 1441+
Business Math 48 QMB 1001+
Computer and Information Technology 45 CGS 1000 or CGS 1060
Criminal Justice 49 CCJ 1020
Environmental Science 46 EVR 1001
Ethics in America 46 PHI 2630+
Ethics in Technology N/A No course or credit given by GCSC
Foundations of Education 46 EDF 1005
Fundamentals of College Algebra 47 MAC 1105
Foundations of Counseling 45 PCO 1202
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity 45 CIS 1350+
General Anthropology 47 ANT 2000
Health and Human Development 48 HSC 2100
History of the Soviet Union 45 EUH 1068+
Human Resources Management 46 MAN 2300+
Introduction to Business 46 GEB 1011
Introduction to Geography 48

GEO 1000

Introduction to Geology 46 GLY 1010
Introduction to Law Enforcement 45 CJE 1000
Introduction to World Religions 48 REL 2300
Lifespan Development Psychology 46 DEP 2004
Management Information Systems 46 ISM 2000+
Math for Liberal Arts 400 (2008 score) MGF 1106
Money and Banking 48 BAN 2501+
Organizational Behavior 48 INP 2002+
Personal Finance 46 FIN 1100
Principles of Advanced English Composition 400 (2008 score) ENC 1101
Principles of Finance 47 ACG 2001
Principles of Public Speaking 47 SPC 1608
Principles of Physical Science I 47 PSC 2341+
Principles of Statistics 48 STA 2023
Principles of Supervision 47 MNA 2345+
Substance Abuse 49 HSC 2140+
Technical Writing 46 ENC 2210
The Civil War and Reconstruction 47 AMH 2056+
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