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GCSC Online offers a combination of online and hybrid classes that give you the freedom to work around job and family obligations. When combined with traditional classes, online and hybrid classes can help you finish your degree or certificate faster so you can begin your career!

For more information about online learning, connect with one of our advisors through the Student Navigation Center.


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We enhance your online learning experience through a variety of tools and support services designed with your educational development in mind. Support is readily available through real teams of people committed to seeing you flourish here at GCSC and beyond.

  • Online Classes and Canvas

    New students or those who have never taken an online class in the Canvas LMS are encouraged to take Canvas 101. It’s a brief, self-paced course that introduces you to Canvas and the features you’ll rely on for online learning, such as how to view and submit assignments and check your grades. 

    For resources and information about Canvas, visit the Canvas Student Guide. A variety of 24/7 Canvas help options with Canvas support agents are available, including chat, phone support hotline, and a support ticket system. Just click the Help button at the bottom of the left-hand menu inside Canvas.

  • Technology Support 

    Students can receive assistance with logging on or navigating Lighthouse, Canvas, Respondus, Zoom, and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). 

    For assistance, contact the GCSC Information Technology Services (ITS) at 850-913-3303.
    Printing can be done on campus in computer labs and the library using the Papercut system.

  • Library 
    Librarians and library staff provide online library services and resources. Laptops are available for a semester-long loan. Library electronic resources, including databases, articles, e-books, and streaming videos, are available online 24/7. You may contact Ask a Librarian to answer research and library-related questions via live chat and e-mail. For more help and information, visit the Quick Start Library Guide and visit the library online.
  • Testing
    Proctored tests and assignments for your online classes can be taken free of charge at any one of the GCSC Testing Centers. For online classes, Respondus Monitor is a test proctoring solution that must be used in conjunction with Respondus Lockdown Browser and allows you to take proctored exams using a web camera and a microphone from anywhere. The type of testing required for each class is determined by the professor.
  • Academic Advising
    Each student has an assigned Pathway Navigator based on the student's academic pathway. Students can book a virtual or in-person appointment with their Pathway Navigator by clicking Schedule an Appointment under their assigned Pathway Navigator's name. Pathway Navigators work with students via phone, email, and other communication modes. During your first semester, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor according to your selected major or area of study. Your faculty advisor will work with you to complete your degree plan so that you know all the necessary requirements to graduate.
  • Counseling
    Need to talk to someone? For non-emergency situations, students can reach out to counselors at or call 850-769-1551 ext. 4861.  If you have experienced setbacks that cause you to question whether or not you should be in postsecondary education, you should contact the Counseling Center. They will provide you with direction and guidance to help through these confusing times.
  • Student Accessibility Resource Center
    The Student Accessibility Resource (SAR) team is here to assist you in your education, career, and personal achievement/goals with equal access to all programs using both on-campus and off-campus resources. SAR is for students who have difficulties in the classroom; please contact us to see what help can be provided to you.
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities

    As a student in an Online Learning course, you are obligated to the following responsibilities:

    1. Always adhere to the Academic Honesty Policy for the course. You are asked to make your own guarantee that the integrity of the course is not compromised.
    2. Ensure that your technology meets the minimum requirements for the
      GCSC's Canvas System.
    3. Give yourself ample time to study the course material, complete assignments and take any practice tests made available to you. The practice tests have been designed to help you better prepare for the actual tests.
    4. Take your tests as scheduled. A large window of opportunity to take tests is provided. Begin the test with ample time left. Do not start a test with only 1 or 2 hours before the deadline. Should you happen to get knocked offline or disconnected, there may not be enough time left to complete the test once you are back online.
    5. If you need to withdraw from a course, you must complete a formal withdrawal form and submit to Enrollment Services before the published deadline. Once the form is submitted, contact your instructor to advise him/her of your withdrawal request.
  • What if the course is not available?

    Florida college students have the option to apply to another Florida college or university, as a transient student, to take courses that will count toward their GCSC degree. If you are currently enrolled at Gulf Coast State College, you must go through the FloridaShines transient student process. If you are not a GCSC student, contact your home institution for more information about the transient student process.

    To begin the application process through FloridaShines be sure to have this information available:

    Student identification and PIN/password
    Social Security Number (If you don't have a Social Security Number, please enter nine zeros)
    Term and year when you want to take the course
    Course information, including prefix number, title and credit hours (If you used the online course catalog to find and apply for a course, this information will be pre-populated in the application)

    Once your application is accepted, you will receive an email notification from the transient institution that may include special information about next steps, including information about an admissions application fee, if any.

    After both institutions approve your transient application, you will need to log into GCSC Lighthouse using your GCSC student ID (A00....) to confirm course registration and payment.  

    If you application is denied, please contact the person who denied the application for more information. Contact information is included in the email you receive.

    You can track your application process via You should also receive updates on the status of your application via email. For additional assistance, contact


    Florida Shines Transient Student Admission Application                                                 FloridaShines