Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

The Procurement Office purchases materials, supplies, equipment and services at the greatest value possible, consistent with the quality needed for the proper operation of the College. Our goal is the promotion of the College's best interests through services to the entire organization. Procurement will be fair to our vendors, which will result in obtaining the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.

We believe the relationship between the purchaser and seller is one of mutuality. No contract that proves unsatisfactory to the vendor can be regarded as satisfactory to the buyer. Every effort is made to establish a relationship of mutual confidence between the College and its suppliers.

Our policy objectives are to:

  • Purchase for the requirements and operation of all departments of the College through a centralized Procurement Office.
  • Conduct all Procurement in accordance with the College's policies and regulations.  The College's Manual of Policy for Procurement  is 5.025 and Travel is 5.165.
  • Stimulate competitive bidding and provide interested vendors with an opportunity to offer their products to the College.
  • Treat our suppliers with respect and fairness.