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  • Fredrick Bower - G. Orwell, 2008, digital print
  • Jeff Gates - Chamomile Tea Party, 2010-2012,digital print
  • Jeff Gates - Chamomile Tea Party, 2010-2012,digital print
  • Jeff Gates - Chamomile Tea Party, 2010-2012,digital print
  • Melissa Vandenberg - Red Tie / Blue Tie, 2012, graphite transfers on paper with lapel pins
  • James Price - Serve Us, 2008, mixed media
  • Nick Fancel - Everything Will Be Okay, 2012, woodcut with India Ink wash
  • Art Hazelwood - Election Year Politics,1996, woodcut
  • Melissa Vandenberg - Sink Or Swim: Family Style, 2012, US !ags, Kapok life vests, wood
  • Art Hazelwood - Corporate Cookie Jar, 2009, woodcut
  • Art Hazelwood - War Rally, 2005, oil on canvas
  • Marco Rosichelli - Talk Turkey, 2012, in!atable
  • Nora Ligorano & Marshall Reese - Main Street Meltdown, 2009, video documentation
  • Jos Sances - Antonin Scalia, 2012, sculpted ceramic
  • Jos Sances - Roger Ailes, 2012, sculpted ceramic
  • Jos Sances - Reagan Returns, Mourning in America, 2011, screenprint
  • Katherine Rhodes Field - Field, F.Y.I (Safely Viewing the Election), 2012, lithograph
  • Jos Sances - Thomas Paine, 2012, screenprint
  • Tom Huck - SCUDS, 2011, woodcut

The Art of Politics

October 5th - November 1st

The Art of Politics was guest-curated, by Jill Foote-Hutton, an artist, curator and writer with a long standing interest in art as a vehicle for social dialogue. This group exhibit casts the artists in a familiar role of social critic, and presents their perspective on the politics, issues, and events that dominate the national discourse of the early twenty-first century.

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