After Action Review

After Action Review

January 22 – February 16

After Action Review, is a group exhibition featuring work by Jesse Albrecht, Michael Aschenbrenner, Thaddeus Erdahl, Aaron Hughes, Tyler Nicholson, Thomas Orr,  Jessica Putnam Phillips, Jennifer Robinson, and Ehren Tool.

The artists represented in this AAR are veterans and former active duty members from Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and the so-called Global War on Terror. While not considering themselves spokespeople or representatives of these conflicts, they serve as the juncture between the civilian world and the experiences of servicemembers in and out of wartime.

Every participant in this collection was chosen not only because of their experiences in the military or combat but due to their unique take on art-making—each bringing their voice and perspective of the world in which they navigate and sustain their strengths.