Current Exhibit


March 22 – April 9

Art, specifically visual, art is often thought of as a solitary exercise. An expression of a single artist, a singular vision, a self-contained point of view. And while that is often the case, the artists in this exhibition chose to work in collaboration with other artists. Some work in pairs, others work in larger groups/collectives. Some came together to work on a specific project, while for others it is the only way to create work. Some projects are open-ended, others are defined by a very strict set of rules. The pieces on display in Collaboration highlight the different aesthetics and modes of working collaboratively.  The results are as different as the individuals, the groups, and the circumstances that come together to allow the work to come into being.

The list of participating artists/groups includes: Edwige Massart and Xavier Wynn •  Holly Hanessian and Michael Diaz • Ellen Kleckner and Linda Tien (Im-ple-ment Archive) • Gina Telcocci, Deborah Benioff Friedman, and Phyllis Lasché (Stone Soup) • Seth Barendse, Christina Baril, Emmett Freeman, Morgan Janssen, Andrew Long, Tammy Marinuzzi, and Taylor Robenalt (Social Distance Residency)