Current Exhibit


  • Alberto Veronica
  • Kaity Gmitte
  • Andrew Koester
  • Brian Sarama
  • Bryan Wilkerson
  • David Stevens
  • Jean Nunez Donegan
  • JoAnn Axford
  • Michael Ashley
  • Ray Morales
  • Stephen Mullins
  • Tamera Josephson
  • Justin Donofrio
  • Jessikah Ann
  • Bo Bedilion
  • David McBeth
  • Joshua Scott

TENTH Annual Cup Show: Form and Function

November 17 - December 8

An annual survey of the wide variety of approaches to contemporary ceramics through the lens of the most intimate and accessible vessel, the cup. The focus of the exhibition is the function and concept of the drinking vessel, including its relation to history, politics, craft, technology, utility, and narrative. Juried by Jeremy Randall