She is of the south

February 16 - March 16

She is of the South  features work by women who were raised or live in the South and whose work reflects a sense of Southern identity. What is Southern identity? There are many answers to that question, and each artist provides her own unique interpretation, but there are a few constants. One such constant is family, or more precisely a multi-generational understanding of family, with a complicated history, deeply rooted in the land. Another, is tradition, a certain way of doing things as they have always been done. Tradition which could be empowering or ensnaring. Finally, there is spirituality, weather dogmatic or mystical, or something in between; a sense of other worldly, of something just beyond the reach, is ever-present.

All of the invited artist share a narrative, often autobiographical, approach to painting. These narratives speak of family, spirituality, tradition; and while the stories are different they all share a sense of mystery and bitter-sweet nostalgia that is particularly Southern. Participating artists are Carrie Ann Baade, Inga Kimberly Brown, Katelyn Chapman, Hannah Hill, Norah Lovell, Holly Ann Scoggins, and Lauren Woods.  

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