Start Here Go Anywhere

Start Here Go Anywhere

September 11 – October 8, 2015

Art by alumni of the GCSC Visual Arts program. The work in the exhibit is as varied as the paths taken by the artists and includes sculpture, ceramics, photography, painting, drawing, mixed media and animation. While the work is diverse it traces its roots to GCSC and highlights the achievements of our alumni and the multitude of opportunities available in the field of Visual Arts. Featured artists are: Eric Adams, Lauren Anderson, Autumn Beury, Grace Chartier, Mia Cross, Kristie Eiland, Libby Guerry, Vanessa Guirey, Noelle Kleimeyer, Brandon LaFrance, Joe Newsome, Ty Nicholson, Mandy Yourick,  and Zen Du.

  • Tyler Nicholson
  • Mandy Yourick
  • Lauren Anderson
  • Grace Chartier
  • Joseph Newsome
  • Eric Adams
  • Autumn Beury
  • Mia Cross
  • Kristie Eiland
  • Vanessa Guirey
  • Brandon LaFrance
  • Noelle Kleimeyer
  • Zen Due
  • Elizabeth Guerry
  • Start Here Go Anywhere