Commodores Care

commodores go the extra smile :)

Gulf Coast State College has a history of committing volunteer time in our service district of Bay, Gulf, and Franklin Counties. In August 2016, the College introduced the Commodores Care campaign to expand our volunteerism efforts. Gulf Coast is committed to linking our employees and students to meaningful volunteer opportunities that support community-driven change with the added benefit of personal and professional development. As a volunteer, you can make a difference in our community and in the lives of those around you.

volunteering to make our communities better 

February 2020, Gulf Coast State College 2nd semester nursing students volunteered for Panama City's 6th Night to Shine. Nursing students volunteer in order to meet their service learning requirements for the semester. 

Smiling nursing students in prom dresses at Night to Shine.


December 2019, Commodores Care participated in a campus-wide book drive that brought in books for students in Bay District Schools. 

  • 66 Pre-K books to Arnold High School's VPK program
  • 73 Elementary books to Lucille Moore
  • 127 Middle and High School books to Rutherford



Patrick Brennan, Co-Chair


Connie Head, Co-Chair