master in the kitchen

Learn how to cook like a chef! Whether you are a seasoned cook or are just beginning your culinary journey, Continuing Education offers a variety of culinary classes for all levels.  Learn how to chop vegetables as well as learning basic knife skills such as how to fillet, butterfly and carve proteins from our professional chefs in our state of the art culinary kitchen.

Leave it to Cleaver! Protein knife skills  Register!

Learn how to fillet, butterfly, carve and more! Applying proper techniques to your everyday protein fabrication makes a difference. This course will be a hands-on, knife skills session. You will be guided through fabrication of familiar proteins while discussing cooking applications, cost savings benefits, product identification and more while increasing your confidence at the cutting board. Chef Mike Meeks will be sharing knowledge and maybe a recipe or two! Students will go home with the knife skills they learn along with all the food they prepare during class!

Thurs., Nov. 21, 5:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Advanced Technology Center (ATC) 126
CRN: 98200 | Course:  XCE 0325 | Fee:  $75

Chop like a chef!  Basic Knife Skills 

Join us as our expert instructor helps students become confident at the cutting board with the chef’s most important tool. Students will hone basic knife skills and practice the fundamental cuts for vegetables--mince, dice, brunoise, batonnet and julienne--as well as learn some advanced techniques. Students will go home with the knife skills they learn along with a professional Chef's knife provided in the class! 
If you are interested in this class, please call Lara Herter.


Lara Herter, Program Developer, Community & Education
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