Customized Corporate Training

Customized Corporate Training

Gulf Coast State College provides customized corporate training to meet the personal and professional development needs of our local businesses.

If you have struggled with employee retention or turnover, low morale, productivity or training issues; or if you simply have a desire to provide quality training at affordable prices, Customized Training will be able to assist you by providing:

  • In-house training for a group of employees in one or multiple areas
  • Targeted, business-specific training tailored for your specific business or industry
  • Time-relevant training to enhance employee skills

Customized training can be held at your location or at any one of Gulf Coast State College's campus locations (Panama City Campus, Gulf/Franklin Campus, North Bay Campus or Tyndall AFB Education Center).

Customized Training is available to meet your needs whether you are a large or small business or an individual in need of personal or professional development. If you can think of it, we can do it! These are just a few of the areas where we can provide customized training:

  • Supervisory Skills

    Essential Skills of Leadership
    Essential Skills of Leadership (ESL) is the first step to developing successful managers. By focusing on three critical management skills, the program establishes a methodology for productive interactions between team members and team leaders. ESL helps experienced managers, new managers, and aspiring managers refocus on the basics – the skills required to manage the individual while also leading the team. (4 hours)

    Essential Skills of Communicating
    Essential Skills of Communicating (ESC) provides the tools necessary to develop clear, concise messages. Focusing on communication as a two-way process, the program can help even experienced managers improve their messages by making them clear, well organized, and aimed at the needs and interests of the listener. By developing the essential skills of communicating, managers improve relations with their team members and increase productivity. (4 hours)

    Effective Discipline
    Effective Discipline helps managers learn effective techniques for addressing problem behaviors. Using communication skills, the manager works to preserve the individual’s self-respect and encourage the best kind of discipline – self-discipline. (4 hours)

    Developing Performance Goals and Standards
    Unless managers and team leaders are successful in spelling out the organization’s specific goals, their team members are not going to know how to meet those objectives. This module shows trainees how to establish specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and time framed performance goals. It then illustrates the steps that gain team member agreement and commitment to performance goals. (4 hours)

    Coaching Job Skills
    Coaching Job Skills helps managers learn how to effectively coach individuals through a process of observation, analysis and communication. By carefully planning one-on-one discussions, managers can have the greatest impact and gain individual commitment to achieving results. (4 hours)

    Delegating helps managers master the skills needed to effectively assign work to others. By clearly communicating expectations and encouraging participation and involvement, managers can use delegating to develop team members’ skills and abilities. (4 hours)

    Managing Complaints
    Managers and team leaders are often the first to hear team member complaints. And even though sometimes they may seem unimportant, each complaint should be addressed and resolved. This module shows how to resolve simple complaints and identify the hidden agendas that so often underlie the chronic grievances. (4 hours)

    Resolving Conflicts
    Resolving Conflicts helps managers develop skills to identify the source of team member conflicts. Using effective communication and management techniques, managers can help individuals understand another point of view and move beyond the conflict. (4 hours)

    Communicating Up
    Most managers and team leaders realize the importance of upward communication, but few accept the responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of communicating with their own managers. Managers and team leaders will learn how to frame communication so that a desired result is achieved. (4 hours)

    Supporting Change
    This class helps managers learn to understand and to interpret change. So, managers can more clearly communicate change to their team. This clear communication helps to reduce misunderstanding and anxiety. It also helps the change initiative gain acceptance more quickly – minimizing lost productivity and decreased performance. (4 hours)

    Improving Work Habits
    Improving Work Habits helps managers learn to clearly and specifically communicate the nature of the problem. It provides a process for working with the individual to develop a plan for addressing the issue while maintaining self-esteem. (4 hours)

    Providing Performance Feedback
    This module shows the way evaluation is done by the experts. First, relevant performance standards are established. Then the team member’s own performance evaluation is solicited. This accomplished, the stage is set for a summary evaluation that will be clear and credible to the team member. (4 hours)

    Communications & Collaboration
    In this seminar participants will learn the key components of effective communication and collaboration. Increase your awareness of individual interpersonal behaviors and the potential impact on others. Learn how your behavior affects collaboration and how to add flexibility to your communication style. (3 hours)

    Building Leadership Skills
    This seminar will teach participants the major competencies necessary to become a good leader. Learn about different leadership styles, when they are appropriate to use, gain insights into your own leadership and the impact of your style on others. (3 hours)

    High Performance Teamwork
    This highly interactive workshop will teach participants the necessary components for effective teamwork. Learn about the four dimensions necessary to manage a group of people so they perform better as a team using an interactive case study. (3 hours)

    Solving Performance Problems
    This seminar is designed to help participants identify the source of performance problems and the possible solutions. You will learn the techniques necessary to help yourself and coach others in solving performance problems. You will apply these skills to real life performance problems. (3 hours)

    People Management 101
    Learn about the six most important people management actions you will take as a supervisor or manager and the biggest people management mistakes made. Learn about hiring, interviewing, progressive discipline and termination. (6 hours)

    The Pygmalion Effect
    People rise to the expectations others have for them. “The Pygmalion Effect” shows managers the four ways expectations are transmitted to subordinates and inspires them to raise performance by raising expectations. (2, 4, or 8 hours)

    The Extraordinary Leader: Going from Good to Great
    Upon completion, participants will be able to articulate the difference between good leaders and great leaders, describe and explain the five key insights about leadership, define the 16 competencies of high performing leaders, understand the concept of powerful combinations of strengths and their importance to leadership effectiveness, explain the difference between weaknesses and fatal flaws, and apply strengths and behaviors that demonstrate leadership effectiveness in the workplace. (8 hours)

    Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow
    Through the four strategies presented and applied in this program, participants will have the opportunity to learn: what it means to accept the responsibilities of their new role; how to exercise their abilities to set clear boundaries; the value of strengthening their communication skills; and, the importance of taking thoughtful and strategic action. (4 hours)

  • Diversity

    Just Be F.A.I.R.
    It’s one thing to talk about diversity and fairness in the workplace; it’s quite another to grapple with issues day-to-day, face-to-face. The F.A.I.R. approach (Feedback, Assistance, Inclusion, and Respect) equips employees at every level to broaden the definition of diversity and build positive, productive relationships. (4 hours)

    Generation...M.E.E.T. for Respect in the Workplace
    Participants will be able to define key characteristics of the four generations in the workplace, identify issues and situations influenced by generational differences and apply practical tips for working successfully in a multigenerational workplace. (4 hours)

    A unique, thought provoking and entertaining look at diversity. The program illustrates racial bias, prejudice and discrimination, and also includes references to the biases that exist based on ethnicity, language, ability/disability, and religion. Participants will be inspired to take a fresh look at their personal assumptions and interactions in our diverse society. (2 hours)

  • Motivation

    Encouraging the Heart
    This program illustrates the importance of employee recognition and presents examples of the types of rewards leaders can give to truly motivate top performance. (3 hours)

    Whale Done!
    Whale Done! Highlights how catching people doing things right and redirecting negative behaviors are some of the best tools to increase productivity, build trust, create high commitment and motivation, retain your best workers, promote positive customer relationships and sustain your competitive advantage. (3 hours)

  • Customer Service

    Give 'em the Pickle
    Participants will understand the importance of attitude and consistency and learn how to make serving others their number one priority. (3 hours)

    Remember Me
    Remember Me has a timeless theme: treat the customer as an individual and you will be rewarded with loyal patronage for years. (2 hours)

    Johnny the Bagger: A True Story of Customer Service
    Johnny the Bagger will help motivate your employees to take personal responsibility for creating a positive, memorable experience for internal or external customers; the kind of experience needed to generate customer loyalty, improve employee retention and strengthen team morale.
    (2 hours)

  • Personal Development

    This program provides participants the opportunity to explore and enhance their skills in areas that will positively impact their work environment: be positive and proactive, be accountable and flexible, be cooperative and respectful and communicate and actively listen. (4 or 7 hours)

    Start Right, Stay Right
    This program teaches 24 behaviors critical to employee and organizational success. The behaviors are divided into four training categories: You and Your Mindset, You and Your Co-Workers, You and Your Supervisor or Manager and You and the Organization. (8 hours)

    Speaking Effectively to One or One Thousand
    Participants will learn what causes public speaking fear and how to avoid it, the roles of appearance and body language, and how to most effectively communicate their message. (2 hours)

    Time Challenged
    At the core of this training is the fact that we all get the same 24 hours a day, but how we use those hours greatly impacts our success or failure. Participants will learn how to identify and take responsibility for time management concerns, set goals, and prioritize tasks. (4 hours)

    Employability Skills
    Participants will understand the basic skills needed at any job, understand why a positive attitude, initiative and enthusiasm are necessary in any position, understand the importance of time management and goal setting, and understand the importance of decision making in the workplace. (1 hour)

    The Art of Interviewing
    Participants in this class will learn how to prepare for typical interview questions, understand the importance of the first impression, identify common interview blunders, learn what their body language says, and learn how to establish rapport with the interviewer. (1 hour)

    Developing a Professional Image
    Participants will understand the importance of first impressions, understand that perceptions do matter, identify the “do’s and don’ts” of business attire, and learn how to positively represent the brand of their
    organization. (1 hour)

    Business Communication
    Participants will understand the three types of verbal communications: passive, aggressive, and assertive, understand the importance of nonverbal communication, and clear, concise written communications. (1 hour)

    The FISH! philosophy is a lifelong learning approach that inspires us to feel alive and engaged in the work we do. It is an invitation to re-awaken the self-trusting, creative spirit within all of us. (3 hours)

  •  Teamwork

    Everybody Wins
    Participants will learn to recognize three of the most common conflict situations in the workplace through a clear, easy-to-use approach. Learn to think things through in order to arrive at the most appropriate choice of action which ensures both a win-win resolution and will help increase the productivity of an organization. (2 or 4 hours)

    Teamwork in Crisis
    Participants will examine how skills in five key factors can be brought together to achieve a significant team goal, and better understand the specific roles of preparation, cooperation and communication in
    minimizing the impacts of unfortunate circumstances or capitalizing on unexpected opportunities. (2 hours)

  •  Language

    Language Training

    The following Command Spanish® e-Training courses are available online:

    • Spanish for Financial Institutions ($99)
    • Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers ($99)
    • Spanish for Construction Supervisors ($99)
    • Spanish for the Community ($99)
    • Spanish for Pharmacy Personnel ($99)
    • Spanish for the Workplace ($99)
    • Spanish for Hospital Nurses ($99)
    • Spanish for Medical Office Nursing ($99)
    • Spanish for Physicians ($99)
    • Spanish for Library Personnel ($99)
    • Spanish for Real Estate Sales ($99)
    • Spanish for School Teachers ($99)
    • Spanish for Dental Hygienists ($99)
    • Spanish for Dentists ($99)
    • Spanish for Respiratory Therapists ($99)

    These programs are:

    • Self-paced (You can start and stop any lesson at any time to fit your schedule.)
    • Non-teacher Led
    • Asynchronous (You can start the course on any day, at any hour.)
    • Based on Adult Education Principles

    No prior knowledge of Spanish required!

    • Upon completion of a course, you will have immediate access to and be able to print your own personalized Certificate of Completion.

    To view the content of these courses and/or enroll, Command Spanish

  • Additional Courses

    Additional Courses that can be customized to fit the needs of your organization.

    • Communication
    • Human Resource Management
    • Leadership
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Microsoft Office
    • Adobe Suite
    • Quickbooks

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