Learn a Language

Learn a Language  

Conversational Spanish  Register!
Hola! Como estas? In this course participants will learn basic conversational Spanish— from a friendly greeting to instructional content. Learn how to speak with confidence when interacting with customers, fellow church members, students or any Spanish speaking member of our community. Participants will engage in lively activities to learn helpful vocabulary, pronunciation and structures.

Tues, April 10 – May 1 | 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Student Union East, Rm 244
CRN:  91318 | Course:  XCE 0291 | Fee:  $85

ESL: Spanish to English for Social Settings   Register!
Bienvenido! Participants will acquire basic phrases for various social settings, become acquainted with the multiple U.S. holidays, recognize cultural differences, build social and cultural bridges, and identify resources to continue learning and staying connected.  Prerequisite: Basic English grammar.  Textbook required and available online using ISBN-13:978-0071820981

Thurs, Mar 1 – 29, 2018 | 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Rosenwald Building, Room 103
CRN: 91180 | Course: XHE 0102 | Fee: $85

ESL: Spanish to English for Workplace Settings  Register!
Acquire the necessary skills for job search strategies; create a resume and complete a job application. Learn the best interview techniques and the significance of cultural differences in the workplace. Once you are accepted for the job, learn the essential, basic phrases to communicate with your boss and coworkers. Employment related resources are included in this course to assist participants with finding employment, maintaining the job, and advancing with the company. Prerequisite: Basic English grammar. Textbook required and available online using ISBN-13:978-0071820981.
Interested in taking a Spanish to English for Workplace Settings course? Please contact Sherrie Lock below.

Lara Herter, Program Developer, Community & Education
T  850.873.3583
M  850.217.9952