Photography classes

Capture your life! Corporate College offers an assortment of classes for professionals to beginners. Learn how to use your camera, choose the right gear, and how to shoot amazing photos. Take your skills to the next level!

Authentic Portrait Photography Register!  

This workshop will cover how to plan a portrait session, how to choose a location and how to succeed in shooting the session. Participants will also get a chance to photograph a model and work through different posing and lighting issues. So be sure to bring your camera!

Mon., July 1, 5:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.
Student Union East (SUE) 246
CRN: 95234 | Course:  XCE 0362 | Fee:  $49

contemporary Photography 101 Register!  

Looking to elevate your photography skills, explore beyond automatic settings, and become more consistent in your shooting? This class will give you the confidence you need to take better photographs, both technically and visually. 
If you are interested in taking Contemporary Photography, please contact Lara Herter below.

Getting Comfortable w/Off Camera Flash Photography Register!  

This workshop will cover how to add light to your photography with one strobe, with studio strobes and with on location lighting. We will cover the advantages of strobe photography and how to get comfortable using it when you need it. The workshop will give you a hands on opportunity to shoot with strobes in several different lighting situations so be sure to bring your camera!
New Dates Coming Soon!

  Lara Herter, Program Developer, Community & Education
T  850.873.3583